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Prevent the QSYSOPR message queue from being cleared

We've recently had a couple of instances where the QSYSOPR message queue has been cleared. Apart from restricting the CLRMSGQ command, is there a way we can protect it?

There are a couple of ways to prevent users from clearing a message queue. As you suggested, restrict the user's authority to the command. Another way would be to restrict the user's authority to the message queue. In order to clear a message queue or remove a message from the message queue, the user needs delete authority to that message queue. So, in your case, you may want to remove *DLT authority to the *MSGQ, for the users in question. This will allow them to use the message queue in other ways but will prevent them from clearing the message queue. The authorities required for these commands are documented in Appendix D of the Security Reference, SC41-5302.


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