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Prevent accidental erasure of tapes

We are currently using two cartridges per day on our iSeries production server for our daily batch processing as we are mirroring our production files across to a remote iSeries machine using Vision Solutions software (OMS).

To prevent accidental erasure of cartridges before their expiration date, there is a proposal to use BRMS software. How can BRMS help us in this area? The cost and operational requirements to implement BRMS may prevent us fromimplementing it and we do not intend to connect the iSeries server to a silo for auto retrieval and mounting of cartridge.

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Implementing BRMS/400 will provide a great way to ensure that you don't write over a tape which isn't expired.

BRMS can do this because you enroll ALL tape media used for saves and restores, prior to using them and each tape is given a unique volume serial number.

Before using a tape, this BRMS "media database" is checked to see if this tape is expired and available for use. If it isn't, BRMS requests that a new tape be mounted. If you are using a tape media library, it will automatically select the next tape.


  • I just wanted to state that BRMS is not the only solution to prevent accidental overwriting of tapes. On a SAVLIB or SAVOBJ command, you can specify a value for the expiry date field. Once a date is specified, the file is protected and cannot be overwritten until the specified expiration date. If you attempt to write to the tape, message CPA4278 will be issued to QSYSOPR. -- Richard Ewasienko

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