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Pre-start jobs that run under the QUSER profile

The above is running in subsystem QSERVER, usually many times. Also, the log shows them ending and starting many times during the day and night. We are running JD Edwards One World.

Is this a set up issue some where in the system or do you have any suggestions? It does not seem to cause any performance problems.

AS/400 host server jobs are pre-start jobs that run under the QUSER profile with a job name of QZDAINIT (for APPC connections) or QZDASOINIT (for TCP/IP connections). This is normal for shops using SQL and ODBC to access AS/400 data files. These QZDASOINIT jobs are also created when file transfers from the AS/400 to a PC are initiated. When you IPL or end the QSERVER subsystem, these will terminate. For further information, you may want to check the AS/400 Knowledge Base.

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