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Possible upgrade problems

Our OS/400 is V4R5 with the latest PTFs (CPU = 620 FC 2181). We may purchase an I810-2465 in the very near future. What OS/400 release does I810 require? Is there anything I should be aware of ahead of the upgrade?

I do believe that the I8xx systems require that you run V5R2 of OS/400. I'd recommend upgrading to V5R2 on your current system before moving into the newer one.

That said, all the details you could ever want to know on this subject are available in the iSeries Information Center. Check under Model 800 and 810 planning checklist.

Use the following checklist to guide and simplify your planning process. The items that appear in the checklist are categories of tasks you must consider. The categories of planning tasks that appear in the checklist link to the in-depth information that you need to build your plan. Each topic indicates what you need to know before you can begin your planning process, and what you should have or know when you are finished. You may need to have your server order information or know the requirements of your existing server as reference.


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