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Possible to create CL program to run nightly backup?

I'd like to create a CL program to run our nightly backup. I'd like to run it in a restricted state by ending the subsystems and restarting them after and putting this new CL in our job scheduler. Is this possible? What I am finding in the manuals is that the workstation on which the user running the save using the save menu remains signed on and waits for the jobs to start at the delayed time. I don't want to be signed on at all. Any advice would be helpful.

Currently it is not possible to submit a backup to batch while in a restrictive state. By definition, "restrictive state" is one active "interactive" job in the controlling subsystem.

You could consider submitting your backup process to QCTL and having it end all the other subsystems. You aren't in a restrictive state, but pretty darn close. Be careful, though. If your backup program fails, you can only access the system from the console to debug and restart.

You couldn't do the SAVSYS command or SAVLIB *NONSYS this way, though. Those commands have to run from an interactive job in the controlling subsystem with the system in a restrictive state.


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