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Plain text printing

I am using a Remote Outq on the iSeries to send spool files to a Printer Port on a Windows 2000 server. The printer attached to the port is set up as a 'Generic/Text Only' printer. This printer does not physically exist as it is just a means of capturing the spool file for our Forms Overlay Software to process.

The spool file received into the queue on the Windows Server contains control print characters, which vary depending on the Model Type that has been set on the iSeries remote outq.

Is there any way that I can suppress these control print characters, as ideally the Forms Overlay Software only needs to see the actual print text.
To get plain text spool conversion use the printer type of *wscstnone. This value directs the host print transform to perform spool only conversion. (It still includes page start characters most overlay software should feel OK with it.


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