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Placing the system in a restrictive state

In order to do a SAVSYS or SAVELIB *NONSYS, one must place the system in a restricted state. To facilitate unattended operation, is there anyway to place the system in a restricted state without going to the console to do this, i.e., to be able to use the job scheduler or some other method to perform an ENDSYS, do the saves and then perform a STRSBS QCTL?

Yes, You can write a simple CL and submit it to the job scheduler to perform these functions. You can also use the BRMS system to do it as well, and I believe that it has some automated functions similar to what you are asking included in the software. You can get more information on backup and recovery at the AS/400 library located. In addition, more materials similar to your plight are located in the Redbooks library..

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