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Physical files

We have an RPG OPM program that writes a record to a physical file which is under commitment control. There is a trigger on that file that calls an ILE RPG program, which writes a record to a separate physical file. In the OPM program a ROLBK is issued that removes the initial file. Is there a way using commitment control that we can ensure that the file written in the ILE program will be removed as well?

By using commitment control there is no way I can find to do this. The problem is that the OPM program and the ILE program use two different activation groups. This forces each record access under different commitment schemes. I have spoken with other experts, IBM, and very senior people and no one has pulled this off.

As I'm sure you are aware, you can record the writes of the ILE program and if ROLBK is needed, you can remove those records.

Thanks for a great question; it provided me with some good discussion with people I have not talked with in awhile.


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