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Performing full AS/400 backups

ISeries backup and recovery expert Ken Graap discusses backup and recovery needs on AS/400.

How often should full backup be performed? Do you know of any documentation on SOX backup recommendations?
It depends on what your recovery needs are. If you needed to utilize your backups to recover the system in the event of a disaster, how much data would your company be able to lose? If you only back up once a month, you could potentially lose almost two months worth of data in the event of a disaster.This is probably too much.

Our company's recovery requirement is 24 hours. Therefore I have to have a backup process in place that will allow me to recover my system to the previous day.

I achieve this by doing a FULL system backup once a month (after PTFs are applied), a FULL application data backup once a week and incremental application data backups each day.

All backup media is moved offsite each morning and two full sets of recovery tapes are maintained offsite at all times.

This covers my 24-hour data loss requirement.

We also journal production application data transactions and the journal receivers are written to tape every two hours and moved offsite every day. This is just a little extra protection.

It all depends ... you have to design your backup processes to match your company's data recovery needs, and this will be different for every company.

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