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Performing automated iSeries tasks

I used to worked in an iSeries environment. My new position involves working with the iSeries. I remember some sort of "agent" that can perform automated tasks, almost like a system "robot". Do you know what I'm thinking of?

You are probably referring to the system's base job scheduler. The command you want to execute to use this facility is: WRKJOBSCDE

 Help Text          Work with Job Schedule Entries - Help   

The Work with Job Schedule Entries (WRKJOBSCDE) command allows you to work with an entry, entries, or generic entries in the job schedule. Each job schedule entry contains the information needed to automatically submit a batch job once or at regularly scheduled intervals.

This command shows the Work with Job Schedule Entries display. From the display, you can select options to add, change, remove, hold, or release entries. You can display details of an entry, or work with the last job submitted for an entry. You can also select an option to immediately submit a job using the information contained in the job schedule entry.

Use the F1 key on the OPT field to see additional information on all the options available for defining and modifying job schedule entries.

An interesting detail I've always found to be fascinating... These entries are not stored in a database file as you might think. They are all stored in a special object in library QUSRSYS named:

  Object       Type       


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