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Performing an unattended system save

Backup & reovery expert Ken Graap explains how to do a unattended system save.

How can an unattended system Save Option 21 be done?
Sign on to the system console as QSYSOPR or a user with equal authority.

       Type:  GO SAVE
       Use Option 20 to set your save defaults.
       If you running in an unattended mode make sure you specify "N" for:
            Prompt for commands  . . . . .   N            Y=Yes, N=No
            Check for active files . . . .   N            Y=Yes, N=No
       Specify *NOTIFY for message queue delivery:
            Message queue delivery . . . .   *NOTIFY      *BREAK, *NOTIFY 
       Specify a start time (for example)....
            Start time . . . . . . . . . .   02:00:00     *CURRENT, time
       Specify 'Y' to:
            Use system reply list  . . . .   Y            Y=Yes, N=No
       If MSGID(CPA3708) is not already in your reply list, add it.  For xxxx, substitute
         an unused sequence number from 1 to 9999: 
            ADDRPYLE SEQNBR(xxxx) MSGID(CPA3708) RPY('G')
         This will insure that tape mount inquiry messages are replied to.              
       Mount your tape(s).
       Then type "21" and hit enter, twice... Your backup will begin at the time specified.
       The following commands will be executed in this order:
            SAVDLO DLO(*ALL) FLR(*ANY)        
            SAV OBJ(('/*') ('/QSYS.LIB' *OMIT)
                  ('/QDLS' *OMIT) UPDHST(*YES)    
            STRSBS SBSD(controlling-subsystem)

The reason why you must be signed on to the system console is that when the ENDSBS executes, the system will be taken to a "Restrictive State". All processes except the backup process running on the system console, will be immediately ended. From a security point of view you will want to make sure your system console in physically secure. Anyone could enter System Request Option 2 and gain access to your system as a system operator, not to mention stop your backup from running.

Also keep in mind that the system console will be "input inhibited" from the time you hit enter until the backup finishes. All the BU process does is execute a DLYJOB command specifying the time you entered as the start time. If you have set system value QINACTITV to anything but *NONE the system console will be varied off in the of time specified and your backup won't run.

There are more secure ways to run an unattended backup of your system. It usually requires that you install and implement a more secure BU Recovery solution such as BRMS.

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