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Performance data called PA-S-QPADE

I have a job referenced in my performance data called PA-S-QPADE, type LIC; it is not registering any CPU, though a high number of transactions. I am curious as to what this is. I have been 'reading' perf data for 10 years and don't recall ever seeing it until very recently.

No knowing what it is that I don't know (easy for me to say), I would assume that this job has one of three functions. It is either the device controller for Pass-through (which is used by most, if not all emulators including CA/400), the actual performance adjusting process, or the performance collector. IBM may have slipped and shown you a process that they didn't intend to show you. I don't use perf data because I like to control my system a lot tighter than performance tools will allow, so I don't have access to this data. If you can get find the program or module that job is accessing, or catch it while it is running, it should be easy to track down the originating process.

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