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Passing info between AS/400's

We have 5 AS/400's and often need to pass information between them. Currently all DDM's are setup to use type *SNA. We want to change all DDM's to use *IP but when doing this our programs bomb-out with CPF5159, reason code 5 ie. user ID does not exist on remote machine. It is not practical for us to create redundant profiles on all our AS/400's. Is there any other way to make *IP work without having to create profiles on the remotes machines?

I haven't found a thing about using *IP that handles spooled files easily unless you are going directly to a printer. The only way that I know of is to use a processing program where you can verify that the user profile exists on all systems. Were I involved in the project, I would simple setup SNA over IP and be done with it. If the direction requires only *IP, you can look for more info at IBM's Redbooks that can assist you with network printing configuration.

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