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Parallel backups using save option 21

If you are using a save option 21 for parallel backups on the AS/400, learn how to use BRMS.

When performing a save option 21, can I save to multiple drives at the same time? I understand that the SAVSYS would have to be a single drive, but I'm more interested in the *NONSYS portion. I'm trying to shorten my backup window and we are required to run a save option 21 every weekend.

Also, does BRMS have this functionality?

What you are describing is a "parallel backup". Parallel backups are easiest to implement using BRMS and you can do it yourself. However, if you are using save option 21, you will probably want to use BRMS to implement this option.

Read all about how BRMS does Parallel Backups on the iSeries in IBM's Backup Recovery and Media Services manual:

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