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Pagination is lost when printing reports

I am using OpsNav to send AS/400 reports to users via e-mail using the following procedure: With both OpsNav and Explorer windows opened, I drag and drop selected reports to c:my temp files. The reports are then in .txt format on my C drive. I then attach that reportxxx.txt to an e-mail. The problem is when we print these reports the pagination is lost. Is there a better way to do this without losing the page format?

When you drag and drop a spool file to your desk top using OPS Nav all it does is a simple translation to a .TXT file. In order to maintain page breaks you would have to write a program that copies the spool file to a database file along with forms control characters:

Specifies that the first character of every record contains one of the ANSI forms control codes listed in the CL Reference manual.

And then read these control characters using this information to determine line spacing and page breaks.

Personally, I have not taken the time to develop a program like this because there are several software developers who have already done this. It is cheaper for me to spend a few bucks purchasing their software than to have my company pay me to develop something from scratch.

My personal choice is the spool manipulation products from Gumbo Software. The one I think you would find to be extremely useful is SpoolMail. Using their command interface, it is possible to e-mail a Spoolfile to a list of addresses in several different formats RTF, PDF and TIFF, not only TXT.


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