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PTF causing delays

We have an RPG SQL program that suddenly changed processing time. Before the group PTF we installed on February 19 this job completed in about 10 minutes. Now this process takes about an hour. There were no changes to the process itself, just the group PTF. We have a ticket open with IBM and they have been examining our DBMONITOR logs, but we've been told that the PTF has a change in the way it uses logicals with Select/Omit statements.

IBM seems to think we should just accept that the process now takes longer with the following statement: "As far it doing a good job, all the files are using logicals and from the statistic information there, the join order looks good. This means there is no obvious way to make it run faster. I must admit I am puzzled to how this ever ran faster. However, if you are hitting some of the problems with Select/Omit logicals, SI17357 will clean those up."

We are positioning ourselves to test the PTF but have not as of this writing. Was there something in the February group PTF that could cause a report to take 40-50 minutes longer.

Yes, unfortunately there was a PTF earlier this year that caused the query optimizer to not consider Select/Omit logical files as seriously as it should in the query optimization process.

I'd strongly suggest you continue to work with IBM Support to test out your queries with the latest PTFs.


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