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Overriding in an exit program

I have a server with 24 different AS/400 sessions. These sessions are ZBSVRU01 to 24 and are defined to run under a specific subsystem (VOICE). All the other sessions are going under QINTER. I want only sessions from that specific server to be able to connect to VOICE. The problem that I have is that whenever one of these virtual devices becomes available, any client can grab this session and lock it because they cannot sign-on.

I have tried to attach an exit program to the exit point IBM_QTG_DEVINIT, but it looks like the device name is already allocated to the client at that time. Is there a way to specifically accept, or reject a session based on who is requesting it?

The exit program in QIBM_QTG_DEVINIT can override the session name requested by the client so you can prevent sessions from servers other then VOICE use the session names you wish.

An example for such an exit program (override session name and much more) can be found at Download TELNET exit program files page.

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