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Overcoming pitfalls of remote output

When a network printer is configured using remote outq, TCP/IP and you release a spool file to the appropriate outq, the file is sent, and from thereafter you no longer have control to restart, start at page number XXX or whatever. Is there a way or a program product to intercept and take control of the printing?

Indeed, using remote output has several pitfalls:

1. Printer control is not available. For example if printer is out of paper you will not get an AS/400 message.

2. Some attributes are not supported (this includes page range, etc.)

Possible solutions:

If you have a network printer (HP or IBM only) you can create LAN printer to overcome the control problem as described in this IBM Support Line Technical Document.

If you need page range support, you can use TSPRWPR exit program. This is provided, as is a source file in qusrtool starting V4R2 as described in the IBM Support Line Technical Document


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