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Outlook for iSeries careers in 2004

Do you think an iSeries career will be stable in 2004? How would you compare it to other IT fields?

IBM has reported a growth in the sale of upgrades and new purchases of the iSeries platform in recent months and is forecasting a continuation of that trend. The iSeries is still a solid and reliable platform that will continue to be a platform of choice for many companies.

The support of Linux, Windows, Web-enablement, et al, on top of OS/400 does present a conundrum for iSeries professionals. The best way to address that challenge and to increase your marketability in the future is to invest in training in those other environments. I suspect that the iSeries professional of the future will be well-versed in languages and operations above and beyond the traditional RPG skills that has been the mainstay of the past.


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