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Options other than RCLSTG to enable file journaling?

The only option to correct damage preventing file journaling is to use the RCLSTG command.

Ramesh asks:

While trying to journal a file, I receive the following error:

Damage prevents object from being journaled.
Cause: A damaged object previously journaled to this journal prevents journaling from being started for object in library type *QDDS. If the object is an integrated file system object, then the path is *N and the file ID is X'00000000000000000000000000000000'. If *N or hex zero appears for any fields, then this information does not apply.
Recovery: If journaling cannot be started because of a damaged object, use the RCLSTG command to reclaim storage before trying to start journaling the object again.

Is there a way to correct this other than using the RCLSTG command?

Ramesh, this is a tough one, but I think you will need to do a RCLSTG.


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