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OV/400 is gone, now how can I delete the users?

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I uninstalled OV/400 when I migrated from my CISC to RISC 400 several years ago. My problem is this; I have several user profiles that I need to remove. When I go to delete them I am told that they are enrolled in OV/400 and need to be un-enrolled before I can delete them. Since I no longer have access to OV/400 I am at a dead end.

Execute the command WRKDIRE. All of the users should appear. When you delete them from the directory, they should no longer show up as being in OV/400.


  • John Brandt's tip will not solve the problem. His advice will not remove their enrollment in OV/400 and the profile will be impossible to delete. The correct steps can be found onIBM's support site. -- Mike Shumaker
  • There was a question from someone asking how to remove users from OV/400. We ran into that problem here, but were unable to remove the directory entry. The message read "user cannot be removed from the system directory because the user is enrolled in Office Vision. Since we no longer had OV, the only way to remove these entries was by SQL'ing the records from qusrsys/qaofenrb. This took care of the problem, and the user could then be deleted from the system. -- Tana Plasencia


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