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ORACLE Transparent Gateway software

We are planning a upgrade of our OS/400 from version V4R5 to V5R2. We have an issue that we are running ORACLE Transparent Gateway software for access ORACLE database and visversa. This software, as of now, is not certified by ORACLE for V5R2. Are we going face problem with this software not running in case we upgrade?

First, in a production environment, I would wait for the vendor to certify it. If you have a development system you can test it on, and are instant on upgrading, I would thoroughly test on the development system prior to implementing. Just remember that you lose all support from your vendor if you upgrade without certification.

Second, off the shelf software that is not "CERTIFIED" for a an upgraded release of OS/400 usually does not pose a significant problem, except for the jump out of the V3 to the V4 releases because you are changing CPU types from CISC to RISC. Just because it is not certified does not mean that the vendor hasn't run it on that release. Call or e-mail Oracle and find out what their schedule to certify on V5R2, and find out about the implications of implementing prior to certification.


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