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ODBC performance issues

We are using Excel of Win98 as a pivot table viewer for summarized information from DB2 files via Client Access 5.1 ODBC driver. This works fine at our iSeries site at Mizpe Shalem, but we are suffering impossible long response times when using it from our remote site at Holon. Connection between sites is based on sifranet line of 128K bit/sec. Could you give us some clues as to why it's so slow at Holon? And what could be done to improve system performance?

Since the solution works fine in local environment I would suspect communication issues. To check it quickly, you may choose to activate ODBC result set compression.

An explanation to this issue can be found here.

Activation of compression in the ODBC driver level can be setup from the control panel -> ODBC data source -> configuration.


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