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ODBC alternatives

End users are demanding direct access to DB2 tables for analysis. We have established access with ODBC, but we're unhappy with its performance, and the lack of an ability to provide meaningful field name translations for them. The users don't understand eight character descriptions that lack vowels. Do you have a suggestion for where I can begin my research into available tools?

I encourage you to take a second look at ODBC. From my experience, the ODBC driver is well optimized and performs very well -- many times the bad SQL causes performance problems. Please take a look at SQLThing -- a free tool -- that uses the ODBC driver. SQLThing works very fast for me.

Regarding the column names, this is a client issue. The client shows the column names. You can, however, set a long name for the tables using alter table command, for example:

alter table mytable Very_long_name for short. Most tools will show you Very_long_name as the column name.

Another alternatives for column names will be to use client tool capabilities. For example, business object allows you to build "worlds" where column names are represented to the end user as real life entities.

Don't give up on Client Access ODBC so quickly.


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