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No ineligible jobs: Good or bad?

I'm familiar with the pitfalls of having threads go from wait to ineligible. On our 825, I have never seen a tread in this transaction state. Would this be a sign that my max active threads per memory pool is to large? We have 14 GB of memory in the base pool where most all work is done. I'm not sure what the acceptable fault rates are.
Not having jobs go to ineligible is a good thing. If you're concerned about your pool sizes being too large or too small, I would suggest that you let the ISeries auto-tune itself, (system value QPFRADJ). Since the auto tune is dynamic and will adjust to changing conditions on your ISeries, I find that it does a better job of managing the system than is generally possible by trying to tune the system by hand -- it also frees up people to do other things.xc


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