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Nightly backup error message

What needs to be done to eliminate the following error message that appears during the nightly backup job on a 9406-270 running V4R5 with an integrated Win2000 server?

The backup throws a level 40 msg from procedure QSRSAVSE

      Message . . . . :   Object not found.
      Cause . . . . . :   Object *N or a directory in the object path could
 not be found or its type cannot be resolved by this function. Recovery      .
 . :            
        Correct the name or specify an object of the correct type. To
 determine if the object exists, use the WRKLNK command. 
 Next message is: Cannot save directory /QNTC/S105XXXX
 I've checked WRKLNK and there is a directory under QNTC that's named the
 same as the system serial number.  The only thing in this directory is
 To my knowledge, this Win2000 server is only being used for print serving. 

I had a similar problem using BRMS to backup IFS directories on our iSeries 400.

I solved the problem by excluding directory /QNTC from my backup. Since this directory just contains links to other NT systems, I didn't feel I was compromising my system backup process by doing this either. In the event of a full system recovery, I could easily recreate these links.

The GO BACKUP menu gives you options for selecting libraries and folders, but not IFS directories. Therefore, you won't be able to exclude this directory from your backup. Isn't that the pits!?

You should consider calling IBM SupportLine and reporting this as a bug. Tell them that the GO BACKUP process is doomed to fail every time because you have placed objects in the QCNT directory and the GO BACKUP process won't let you exclude this directory from the backup.

Short of doing this, I believe you will have to live with this message. You could always consider writing your own BU process in CL or upgrade to a full featured backup product, such as BRMS/400, Help Systems or LXI. These products give you full control over what is or isn't backed up and it makes recovery a breeze!


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