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My response time is very poor

I have a new 270 running 5.1 that is approximately twice the size of my old system. I am not running anymore than I was before, but I am having serious performance problems. On occasion my response times on interactive jobs has been 5 minutes. I have not been able to pin the problem down, seems to be random. I created a new pool and moved qbatch into it. It is worse now.

Your 270 has a total machine CPW rating and an interactive CPW rating. For batch jobs it is possible to use the entire machine CPW capacity of the machine. For traditional interactive 5250 applications, it is only possible to use the interactive CPW capacity of the machine. Once your traditional 5250 screens attempt to use more than that, an IBM job kicks to prevent you from using anymore of the CPU for interactive jobs. I believe this job is called QCFINT or something close to that name. My guess is that you have some application or applications that are causing you to exceed your interactive capacity. If this is the case, your options are to reduce your interactive workload, use more batch processing instead of interactive, which may involve modifying your applications or upgrade your hardware. Before modifying any applications though, I would first check that users or programmers are not running long interactive compiles, jobs, queries, SQLs, etc. which would also explain the randomness of the problem. If this still doesn't solve the problem, the good news from your point of view is that since it is random, you probably don't have a lot of applications to modify.


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