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My program fell over with a MCH3601 error

We are running a Cobol Program (on a AS/400 Version 4.2). This program had not changed, but it fell over with a MCH3601 error. It received this error when it hits the exit at the end of the paragraph. We put in a GOTO so it would not reach this exit statement, and guess what, it did not fall over that night. But the following night it fell over on a different exit. We are performing a paragraph through to the exit. There are no data problems and there were no were program changes. What is the problem?

MCH3601 has been the scourge of ILE. Its text "Pointer not set for location referenced." fairly obscure. In fact, it, most of the times, relates to parameter problems. And to make it even easier, the problem is not always caused by the program that crashes. Check all programs calling the program that crashes and all programs called by it and make sure all parameters are compatible. That may solve the problem. (The check should also involve procedures, API...)

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