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My host server is not connecting

There was a power failure, I restarted the system and it worked fine through the console. The host server and TCP/IP had already started. The problem was when I tried to connect using Client Access; I got an error message (CWBCO1407 -- The AS/400 server application disconnected the connection). However, when I ping and Telnet, it's ok. I have no problem using Telnet software to telnet to the system! I had tried to re-IPL the system again, it restarted the host server and TCP, but the problem still can't be solved. My OS is V4R5M0.

It appears that one of the host servers is not connecting due to the server not running, or an authorization problem. The host server you should check is the Management Central, or *MTGC. You should also check for any PTF's.


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