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Moving to security level 40

What should be considered before moving a System i machine from security level 30 to security level 40?

We are still at security level 30 and are considering moving to 40. Apparently this is a very easy step to take. First verify that the correct QAUDLVL entries are running, which are *pgmfail and *autfail. Review the journal for entry types of AF or J, which we haven't captured any in the three months of data in the journal. Is it safe to say that I can change the security level to 40 without any issues based on the above information? Are there any other areas of concern that I haven't identified?
From your brief description I'm guessing it's safe to move to security level 40. However, I would advise you to read about moving to security level 40 in Chapter 2 of the IBM Security Reference manual (available from IBM's information center) to make sure you've looked for all of the necessary audit journal entry types.

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