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Monitor for a fatal RPG III error

In a CL program, how do I monitor for a fatal RPG III error? I have an interactive RPG program that opens a file for update. The file has been exclusively allocated by another job, causing the user to see a system-supplied error screen showing CPF4128 with options to cancel, dump, etc. I'd like to trap that error and display my own message, but MONMSG does not seem to work with a call to an RPG program.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to use an *PSSR routine in your RPGIII program to trap the CPF4128 during the open operation. You can find more information on defining and using the *PSSR routine in the online library by selecting the AS/400 Online Library - English. You will need to use the section: 2.3.2 File Exception/Error Subroutine (INFSR), which will explain the required entries to create your routine.


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