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Monitor e-mail usage

We are using the system command SNDDST to send e-mails with attachments to recipients. Is there any auditing available so that we may view who is sending what, and to whom?

Yes, there is. In fact this solution provides information for any command, whose usage you want to monitor. If you turn on object auditing for the SNDDST or any other command, the audit journal entry provides the command string that the user entered. To turn on auditing for a command, run: CHGOBJAUD OBJ(SNDDST) OBJTYPE(*CMD) OBJAUD(*ALL)

Then you'll have to make sure the object auditing is enabled for the system. To do that, run: DSPSYSVAL QAUDCTL - Make sure the value, *OBJAUD, is in the list. If not, add it.

To display the audit journal entries, you can either use the Display Audit Journal Entry (DSPAUDJRNE) command, looking for 'CD' entries, or a third-party auditing package, such as PowerLock SecurityAudit.

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