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Modifying the WSCST to adjust the first print line

We need to move the first print line down the page on certain IP printers by modifying the WSCST. We have followed the instruction from a couple of IBM Support Line Technical Documents but to no avail. This seems to be a very simple task, but neither our team nor IBM can come up with the answer.

You've probably already done this but before changing a WSCST the first thing to check is your printer setup. Most printers have a setup option that can be changed and this can cause them to print a little differently from one another if their setups are not identical.

Having said that, WSCST is not for the faint of heart, and it frequently takes a little experimentation to get it just right. If you are using host print transform, you are already using a WSCST. The first step is to retrieve that particular WSCST and use that as a starting point. For example, if the MFRTYPMDL on your outq description is *HP4, the command to retrieve the WSCST will be


If you look through this member, you will see a line that says :FORMFEED DATA ='0C'X. You will also see another line that says :LINEFEED DATA ='0A'X. What this says is that the hex character represented by '0C' causes this particular printer to do a form feed and that hex character '0A" causes a line feed. In theory, you should be able to change this line to say :FORMFEED DATA ='0C0A'. Once you have saved your source member, do a Create WSCST (CRTWSCST) from your source member and change your output queue to use your newly created WSCST. You should get an additional blank line after the top of every page.

If that works in your situation, consider yourself extremely fortunate. Printers can advance pages in multiple ways, so it's helpful to have some knowledge of the hex codes that drive your printer as well as being able to make your printer do a hex dump to see what is going on. For more information on WSCST, see the IBM manual titled OS/400 WorkStation Customization Programming.

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