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Migrating from a batch-based HP3000 environment

This user is migrating from a batch-based HP3000 environment to an iSeries and ran into a little trouble. Thankfully, site expert John Blenkinsop was on hand to lend a hand.

We are currently migrating from a batch-based HP3000 environment to an iSeries. I have a few questions regarding some hurdles we have encountered during this process.

First, how can we run an editor in batch mode where we can then manipulate a file, including adding, deleting and inserting records? Secondly, is there any kind of compression tools or utilities available that will allow us to compress files as we process and decompress files as we access them? Thirdly, is there any way we can sort files using an ASCII sort sequence. We would need to do that both externally and internally in our COBOL programs.

Regarding your first question, you would have to write a program, perhaps in SQL, COBOL, or RPG, to do what you want. "Batch" on iSeries means running by itself without a screen; editors run interactively, from a screen. You can 'edit' your data interactively, or you can 'edit' a workfile that can then be applied to your database in a batch job.

Regarding your second question, yes there are compression tools, click here -- however, you should look at the costs of compression in terms of time & resources against cost of disk space. If you have enough space not to need compression, it's obviously better to not compress.

And last but not least, your third question. I believe that if your files are converted to DB/400 format they will be converted to EBCDIC. If you leave them in their native (ASCII) format they will have to be located in the IFS and could not be worked with directly in COBOL programs running under OS/400. You need advice from whoever is doing the conversion for you.

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