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Messages in Qsysopr

In Qsysopr I have been getting the following message: Not Authorized to object SANDYB in QSYS. I am getting this message for all users and QAUDJRN. I have tried EDTOBJAUT granting *ALL for QSYS. I am still getting the messages. Also I have ALLOBJ AUT. What could be causing this. I really appreciate any help.

Messages in QSYSOPR message queue will come from a number of jobs, mostly batch jobs. Each job will run with a certain user profile. This user profile (or group profiles this profile may belong to) must be authorized to all objects and libraries the job uses. You need to check what user runs the job, then grant authority for this object or library to that user.

If the objects in question should not normally be accessed by the user profiles, you may want to compile the program that accesses them with the option user(*owner) and make sure the person who compiles the program have sufficient rights to access the objects.

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