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Message appears when a spool file reaches more than 100,000 records

We recently upgraded from V4R3 to V4R5. Now whenever a spool file reaches more than 100,000 records I get a SYSOP...

message saying "Reached maximum number of spooled records for file SQLPRT1". Where are the parameters set for default maximum records and how many different ones are there?

The printer file attribute you are looking to control is: MAXRCDS. The MAXRCDS parameter can be a value from 1 through 999999 records or *NOMAX You can change this parameter several ways.

One way is to add the override printer file CL command to the program creating this print:


You can also change the printer file directly with the change or create printer file commands:


These commands change the MAXRCDS parameter prior to creating your spool file output. Unfortunately, you can only change this attribute while a spool file is being created via a reply to the "Reached maximum number of spooled records for file" message you are already familiar with. A valid reply for this message could be NOMAX.

Be careful using NOMAX as the default though. If you have a program that goes into a loop and never stops creating output you could fill up auxiliary storage and bring down the system.

This was last published in July 2001

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