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Maximum limit to the number of records within a file

Is there a maximum limit to the number of records, which can be contained in a file or a member within a file? I've heard that there is a limit of 1 billion records, but don't know if that's on a file or member level, or if it's even true to begin with. If it's true, do you know if IBM has any plans to remove that limit? We deal with very large files, and a limit of 1 billion records could become restrictive very quickly.

Based on V5R1, here are some maximums for you:

Maximum number of bytes in a database physical file member) - 1 terabyte

Maximum records in a database physical file member) - - 4,294,967,288

Maximum physical file members in a logical file member) - 32

Maximum number of members in a physical or logical file - 32,767


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