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Materialized query tables

Materialized query tables have been available on DB2 on platforms other than the iSeries for some time. Is this feature planned to be included in a future release of OS/400? If so, when? Until then, are there any alternatives currently available for the iSeries?

Another performance booster is multi dimensional clustering, which is something new even on other platforms. But given the architecture of the iSeries, are features such as these possible/necessary on the iSeries?

Materialized query tables is a feature that IBM is working on for a future release. There are no easy alternatives.

Mutli dimensional clustering may be something considered for a future release, but we'll also probably look at leveraging encoded vector indexes more. The base that the V5R2 SQL Query Engine provides will make it enhance DB2 UDB for iSeries engine with performance enhancements like you mentioned.


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