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Marketable iSeries skills

What are the most marketable skills to add to the general skillset, and which educators are the best recognized for these skills?

We are seeing an increased demand for P/As with Web enabling skills. Tools and environments that appear to be the most in demand are JAVA, J2EE, Swing, JSP, and XML and Lotus Notes -- Domino. Application server packages, such as WebSphere, WebLogic and Tomcat also seem to be in demand.

On a global note: Skills and training that enhance your abilities to interface the traditional iSeries environment into other platforms (Unix, Microsoft, etc) will open your vistas and enhance your marketability.

As for a recommendation of educators -- I have not spent any time evaluating these resources and have no particular opinion in this area. However, I do recommend that you speak with your peers and associates that have added these skills to their portfolio for their recommendations.


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