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Mapping a drive on your PC

I read your article on mapping a drive on your PC to the IFS on the iSeries to scan for viruses. The example was model 170@V4R3. Will this work for models 820 and 825 on V5R2? If a virus is detected in the IFS, can the PC software clean the virus?
The short answer to your question is yes, mapping a drive to the IFS and running an AV product from your PC will still work in V5R2 on all iSeries models. However, you now have other options for virus scanning the IFS. Running the AV solution from a PC is the most inexpensive but has the most security concerns. It causes you to have to map to the root directory with a Read/Write share. This opens up other security issues if you do not have your object security set properly throughout the IFS. Second, to ensure that the AV product has enough authority to "clean" or take care of the virus, you have to map the drive using a powerful (e.g., *ALLOBJ) profile. Finally, this method can cause network traffic issues because all of the data from the IFS is being brought down to the PC to be scanned.

One option that I've seen implemented in a few shops is available to you if you have UNIX skills and you already have a UNIX site license for one of the enterprise AV products. These shops have ported the UNIX AV product to OS/400 and run it in OS/400's PASE environment.

Finally, the easiest option is to run the AV product that runs natively on OS/400 that's available from Bytware.


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