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Making sense of temporary addresses usage

On WRKSYSSTS I have the following % temp. addresses:

 % CPU used . . . . . . . :       16,6
 % DB capability  . . . . :       12,3
 Elapsed time . . . . . . :   00:01:37
 Jobs in system . . . . . :       8063
 % perm addresses . . . . :      0,128
 % temp addresses . . . . :     10,453

How can I get this % lower? IPL does not do the trick.

You are correct that an IPL won't reset temporary address usage back to zero. This used to be the case when the AS/400 had a 48-bit processor (in the old CISC days), but when IBM went to RISC processor technology and 64 bits, it extended the address range dramatically. As far as I know, there is no way to reset or reclaim the used temporary address space. And once you get to 100%, I have been told that your system will stop working. The good news for most people is that the 100% number won't be reached for a LONG time (years), and you will probably have purchased new hardware long before you run out of addresses.

To get a rough calculation of how long before you reach 100%, measure the number of hours to see an incremental change, like .01%, and then extrapolate to the number of hours (or convert to days, weeks, months, or years).

If you feel that the addresses are getting used up too fast, you should probably contact IBM. They can have you gather some data using Performance Explorer and tell you what programs or functions are using up the addresses and should be able to help you determine how to fix the problem (program changes, query optimization, etc).

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