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Making SNADS talk across IP instead of SNA?

We have a frame-relay connection and firewall between two AS/400 boxes, locally we can use SNADS to send configs from one AS/400 to another, but across the frame and through the firewall we can't. Is there a way to make SNADS talk across IP instead of SNA?

Yes, Turn on AnyNet support. This will allow SNA to flow over a TCP/IP network.

This can be done via the CHGNETA command:



Network Attribute Help Panel extract:

Allow AnyNet Support - Help

Determines whether or not to allow AnyNet support. This network attribute allows AS/400 communication APIs to use other communication transports that are not native for that API. Examples include CPIC or ICF over TCP/IP, and Sockets over SNA.


Visit the IBM iSeries/400 Information WWW page and search for AnyNet to get additional information on this feature of OS/400.

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