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Make the creation time current

When I copy a file to QDLS using CPYTOPCD, the creation time on the file is five hours behind the current time. Why does this happen and how can I make the creation times current?

Check this system value and set it to equal your offset from GMT.

System value . . . . . : QUTCOFFSET
Description . . . . . : Coordinated universal time offset

Offset . . . . . . . . : -07:00 -24:00 to +24:00

I'm in the Pacific Time Zone, which is offset seven hours from GMT during the summer when we are on daylight savings time. In the winter, when we go back to standard time I reset this value to -08:00.

Take your system to a restricted state (ENDSBS *ALL *IMMED), make this change and then start up your system again. This will insure that all system services get the correct offset.


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