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Make a spool file disappear

How can I make a spool file disappear after seven days? I'm on V4R5.

You can't set an expiration date for a spool file. Once it has been placed on an *OUTQ it will remain there until it is deleted.

You could write a program that utilizes the QUSLSPL API to gather up information about specific spool files and then within your program, delete any that are older than seven days.

I personally use BRMS/400 to archive spool files to tape and then remove them from the system. The BRMS/400 archive policies allow me to define which files are archived based on several different criteria, including the age of the spool file. The advantage here is that I can recover a spool file if the user decides they need it again.

There are also several third-party software packages that provide commands for working with spool files.

With a little research you should be able to come up with the perfect solution for your needs.


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