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Maintaining the member name during transfers

I need to transfer many members (text data) of unique names from our iSeries 270 to my PC using the .DTF file transfer technique -- maintaining the member name. Is this possible without using the file transfer browse?

You could take advantage of the IFS using the CPYTOPCD (copy to PC document). What I would do is do a DSPFD of the CLSRC and put it into an output file. Use the following command: DSPFD FILE(XXXX/QCLSRC) TYPE(*MBRLIST) OUTPUT(*OUTFILE) OUTFILE(XXXX/YYYYYY) where XXXX = library name and YYYY= file name. Using a CL, you can read through the file created and use the CPYTOPCD command to copy the members to the IFS. Hope this helps.


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