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MS Win2000 server with host integration server

MS Win2000 server with host integration server (MS's replacement for SNA server) installed sounds like it could provide all of the functionality of Client Access for PC to AS/400 communications. What's the word on the street?

I'm not that thrilled with MS productions, in my opinion even today you have many good alternatives to Client Access.

Lets examine functions:

* Emulation -- Direct TCIP/IP emulations for very low prices to free are available.

* File transfer -- Can be replaced by FTP most of the time.

* Operation navigator -- This comes free (no need for Client Access license). If you need gui management use operation navigator.

* ODBC and OLE DB provider -- This is also free in Client Access. Also other alternatives are available.

So, I think this package is no big deal, but as always I'm ready for counter flames :)

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