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We need to retrieve files on an FTP site to our iSeries? We are dealing with multiple files, and the naming conventions of the files vary. One site can have a long name and the other will add the order number to the end of the file name. MGET seems to work with the file names holding the order number, but the long names are giving me a 550 error. Do you know what?s going on?
MGET will try to create new files, with long file names. This is impossible and you'll get an error, "as400 file name in qsys.lib is limited."

One option is to issue command LCD /QOPENSYS in the FTP session, it creates the files in the IFs with MGET (you will then have to copy the files via the CPYFRMSTMF command).

The second option is to write an FTP script with ls (the disk will produce a list with the names of the files in the remote FTP directory, you can then loop the file and transfer the files one at a time.


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