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MGET from the FTP server

I have to start retrieving multiple files from my EDI server and put them on the iSeries. I'm new to FTP and I'm really struggling with the MGET function. If I want to retrieve all files received on my server I enter, "MGET inbox08925485US00". This will retrieve my multiple files, but no matter what I put for location -- to put the files it creates in a file in QGPL -- it issues a replace message. If I want to put these multiple files in a library called Eddie -- with each file having it's own unique name -- what would the destination parm be?

You didn't mention the method you're using for the FTP process (from a CLP, interactive, etc.).


* It's easy to set the destination library to be different then QGPL'. For example, lcd mylib will direct the files to mylib.

* If the file names are short enough, the iSeries FTP client will behave the way you want (i.e. new file for every remote file), however, for longer then 10 character file names, this may be an issue.

* The easiest way to work around this naming restriction is to direct the FTP incoming files to the directory on the IFS. For example:

lcd /tmp
mget longnamesintheremote server*


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