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Losing active transactions during a power outage

I have an AS/400 mod.170, and there are some old S36 application running. When the power goes down, it is normal to loss some active transaction, but the disaster consists of loosing records of transactions made some hours before. On the AS/236 there was the command CHGSYSVL to choose when write records. Does a solution exist on the AS/400 that doesn't modify S36 procedures and/or programs?

There is not a single command to do this on the AS/400. You can change the force ratio on the files you are using to reduce the number of records written to force the records from memory to storage by using the CHGPF command. You can also override the specific files in your OCL to change this attribute temporarily during this job-run. Be aware that changing the force ratio to *NONE or a very low number could cause the job to run slower.

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