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Looking for an FTP management tool for tracking

We send and receive much data via CD's, tape, e-mail, etc. We want to use FTP and eliminate all these processes. My concerns are twofold. One, I need an FTP management tool to track everything about the FTP session. I have found these to be readily available from vendors, but do you recommend any in particular? Two, all the FTP data must be encrypted. I have found only one vendor that offers PGP encryption, but it's pricey. Can you recommend options for AS/400 encryption? I have searched and searched online, but I haven't found any suggestions. Are AS/400 users not concerned with encryption, or do they not FTP to the AS/400? Any suggestions would help.

The first question I really can't help you with. To my knowledge, IBM has not tested a "best fit". I do know that if you wish to monitor, and limit access to the AS/400 you can use exit programs to accomplish your goals. Examples of Exit Programs can be found in the TCP/IP Configuration and Reference manual, publication # SC41-5420-02 (this is the r430 version of the manual). There are also examples of the Exit Programs on the Web, then search on FTP EXIT.

Question two will be addressed very soon. I would suggest that you contact your business partner with questions about secure FTP. In an upcoming release it is expected that IBM will have FTP that can be encrypted either with a local certificate, or a well-known certificate such as Verisign.

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